Lake Shasta Helicopter Tours

Shasta Lake Helicopter Tours provides a unique service to the Lake Shasta Boating Community. Our pilots have each lived in the Shasta Lake area for over 25 years. From a sky view 200-300 feet above the water during our helicopter tour in California, you will be able to not only see the fabulous world of Lake Shasta but also plan your trip by previewing the entire 365 miles of shores, coves, islands, waterfalls, and campsites prior to your boating adventure.

Whether scanning the lake, mountains, trails, and waterfalls at 120 mph or floating at a hover over specific locales of interest, Lake Shasta Helicopter can help you chart your moorages and camping spots to maximize your Lake Shasta experience.


Helicopter tours in California
Helicopter rides in Redding, CA

Helicopter Tours From The Lake

After you arrive in the area, we can pick up your passengers and guests up at many locations around Northern California for the scenic experience of their lives with options of forest, mountain or river tour packages.

House Boat Rentals are available on Lake Shasta at the following Marinas:

  • Antlers Resort
  • Bridge Bay Marina
  • Holiday Harbor
  • Jones Valley Resort
  • Packers Bay
  • Shasta Marina
  • Silverthorn Resort

Shasta Lake

Lake Shasta was built between 1935 and 1945 with a depth of 1064 feet. It touts the highest center water flow over any dam in the World.  It is the second largest dam in the United States.

Our tours include photo opportunities of all the tributaries filling this lake: The Sacramento,  The McCloud, The Pitt, and Squaw Creek Rivers.


If you are a fisherman, Lake Shasta offers over 20 species of fish featuring Lake Trout, Browns, Small Mouth Bass, Large Mouth Bass, Crappie, Blue Gills, Salmon, Catfish, and Sturgeon.

Survey the Lake Shasta watershed from the air and pick your ideal fishing hole.

Geophysical And Nature Interests

If your interests tend more to the natural beauty of the Shasta -Trinity Forests and mountains you will be able to view them from the unique close up and personal perspective of floating over the terrain, an exciting type of flying only possible in a helicopter. The Shasta – Trinity area is home to many species of Eagles, Ospreys, Black Bear, and Deer. The area is honeycombed with caverns and caves as well as old mining shafts for the hiking enthusiasts. The forestry service maintains hundreds of hiking trails and camp areas which can be previewed from the air. No other way provides you with the ability to see 365 miles of shores and coves, mountains, trails, waterfalls and caves in one hour.

Call us today to plan your experience of a lifetime.