Photo tours

Now available: A customized helicopter photo safari of the Shasta -Trinity Alps, Lake Shasta, and the forests, lakes and mountain ranges areas between Redding, Mt. Shasta, Ashland/Medford, and the Pacific Coastal areas.  Bring your own equipment or contact us for pricing using one of our local professional  photographers.

Lake Shasta Helicopter can arrange for land site aerial tours for prospective land buyers, developers, or just taking video and photos of your home or property.

Photo tours can be made by the hour or for extended tours to any locale in California, Oregon or Nevada.

During the tour, weather permitting, the flight may be made with the Helicopter doors off for unobstructed shots.

Alpine tours explore the beauty of the Trinity Alps, Lake and river systems.  Peak, pinnacle and mountain top flying up to 9,000 feet and you are within 100 feet of the geography surface.

For your half-hour, one-hour, or custom photo safari of the North State contact Lake Shasta Alpine Helicopter tours today.

For Basic Pricing, please see ourĀ adventure travel helicopter tour feesĀ page, or call us now.

Custom Tour prices can be quoted per your specific requirements.